What’s the difference between Swiss chocolate and other chocolates?

Swiss (and European chocolate in general) has a much higher cocoa content and far less added sugar than American chocolates. The high amount of cocoa is what gives our chocolate its rich, smooth taste.

Where does Holl’s raw chocolate come from?

We import all our raw chocolate directly from Switzerland. You can buy the very same raw coins we use at our Holl’s Kitchen page and create your own treats at home.

I’m allergic to (or I’m just trying to avoid) ________, can I still enjoy some of your candy?

Like most small confectioners, we use much of the same equipment to make each of our candies. This means what while a particular piece may not include a specific allergen as an ingredient, it has come in contact with shared kitchen equipment that has produced other candies that could potentially include the allergen.
For this reason we suggest that anyone with a food allergy NOT eat our chocolates.

I have a question about an order I placed online or in one of your shops.

See if we answered your question here and if not, email us at customerservice@holls.com and we’ll be glad to help.

Can I customize a box full of my favorite chocolate?

Sure! Our Custom Collection exists to make everyone happy.
Please note that we do handcraft all our chocolates in very small batches and occasionally sell out of some varieties.
If we are sold out of four or less pieces in your box, we will replace them with another variety you’ve selected.
If we are sold out of more than four pieces we will notify you so you can choose your own replacements.

I just opened my chocolates! How long will they stay fresh?

Unlike most store-bought chocolate, our handcrafted treats contain no preservatives.
We suggest you enjoy your Holl’s within two weeks of purchase.

Why aren’t your chocolate dipped strawberries available year-round?

We’d love to make our chocolate-dipped strawberries available all the time, but our commitment to sourcing quality berries prevents that. We only dip the largest, ripest strawberries and these are only available in the Spring.
We would rather offer our best for a short window than give you a product we aren’t proud to put our name on.

Why don’t you ship the chocolate dipped strawberries?

Our strawberries would simply not survive the shipping process.

Before we dip each berry in our pure Swiss milk chocolate, we first hand-dip them in white fondant. The fondant ensures that every bite is sweet, but after a few hours the sugar brings out the juices in the strawberry. This is why we recommend enjoying our strawberries as soon as possible. Of course, they still taste amazing; they’re just a bit messy and not quite as pretty the next day.

I need a one of a kind gift or favor for my customers/employees/wedding/anniversary/business luncheon/special event. Can Holl’s help?

We have several options for custom boxes and chocolate molds. Check out our Corporate and Weddings sections to start.

I’d love to join the Holl’s team! Where can I apply?

Any available positions are listed on the Careers Page.

Does Holl’s offer tours of the kitchen?

Since our production area is so small we are unable to offer tours of the kitchen.
However, we do accommodate several buses each month as a delightful shopping stop. Email customerservice@holls.com for more information.

I’m shipping chocolate to a warm weather destination. How do you keep the chocolate from melting in transit?

We check the temperature at each shipping address and pack your order accordingly. If the weather is warm enough, we will pack your order in our insulated packaging. This special packaging keeps your chocolates safe for up to 48 hours.

My order never arrived or it arrived damaged/melted.

We guarantee every single order that we ship. If your order arrives damaged in any way please email us at customerservice@holls.com or call us at 800-842-4512.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

From April 15th to October 15th, each package is shipped to arrive in two business days. Our warm weather packaging protects your chocolate for up to 48 hours.

From October 16th to April 14th, orders shipped via Standard Shipping will arrive in 1-5 business days.

Can I ship outside the US?

No. We only ship to addresses in the United States.

Can I have chocolates shipped to Alaska or Hawaii?

Yes! Please note that all orders shipped to Hawaii must be shipped via Second Business Day and that an additional charge of $10 is applied to all orders shipping to Hawaii.